Educational institutions today have the opportunity to reach a broader range of students by using Internet-based learning. By offering webinars and online courses, schools and companies may reach not only those living locally, but also people in all parts of the country, and even throughout the world. Many people enjoy the flexibility of e-learning: with online classes, students can take classes from home and often at their convenience as well.

E-courses may be set up as recorded classes, viewable at any time, or they may be offered in real-time. If taught in real-time, the opportunities students have to interact mirror those in traditional classrooms. For example, technology allows students to participate via icons that indicate activities such as raising a hand to speak or clapping their hands to indicate approval. They can also talk by typing text, and through a PC microphone. Professors may implement videos, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and audio instruction, as part of their teaching.

Whether a course is offered in virtual-time or real-time, students can watch it more than once, if they choose. If they miss details of a class and want to review it again or are unable to attend a regularly scheduled real-time class, they can watch the recorded class as many times as they like.


Working with the RTS Team


Creating online courses requires specialized skills. The RTS staff maintains expertise in all aspects of online course development, from creating the technical tools and infrastructure, to planning, writing and developing curriculums. Whether your organization is a traditional educational institution or an association or corporation wishing to implement e-learning for its members or staff, RTS can help set up a curriculum and online course structure to meet your requirements.

As a first step in developing an online course for you, RTS will meet with you and find out about your e-learning agenda. We gather your requirements, select our staff members to handle each specific task of the overall project, and build a course to meet your objectives.

For more information regarding how RTS can help your organization set up and run effective online learning, contact us at (804)504-1423. We will work with you to design a plan that fits your goals and budget.



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