Information technology plays an integral role in the mission of any healthcare organization today. To provide customers and staff with reliable data, delivered when and where needed, requires specialized and well-designed systems and processes.

Optimal management of projects, content, databases, and websites sometimes requires a review and upgrade of systems that might no longer effectively address critical issues.Healthcare treatments and concerns change rapidly, and the processes underpinning healthcare must also adapt to change. RTS stands ready to assist with upgrades that improve staff productivity and service to patients.

When lives and human health depend on the processes and technology underpinning an industry, that foundation must hold firm. Healthcare reform issues, rising costs, and changing technologies and treatments are just some of the challenges threatening to weaken the abilities of healthcare organizations to meet the needs of patients and staff. Now more than ever, a healthcare organization’s vitality and mission depend on the business and technology processes that support it.


Working with the RTS Team


RTS’ experience working with healthcare providers, combined with our IT expertise, ideally suit us to develop and implement business and technology solutions for organizations in the healthcare field. Think of RTS as your IT staff. Allow us to handle your technology requirements, so that you can concentrate on your core mission of facilitating excellent healthcare and service to your customers. Whether you need a better way to manage content, deliver secure information over the Internet, or market your offerings via social media, RTS has trained staff ready to meet with you and implement a plan that will exceed your objectives.

As a first step in determining your IT needs, RTS will meet with you, find out about your existing systems, your requirements for IT security, and your plans for current and future operations. Our experienced staff can then recommend solutions particularly suited to your unique objectives and goals. We can develop IT applications customized to the specific needs of healthcare organizations.

For more information regarding how RTS can help your organization meet its unique business and IT objectives, contact us at (804)504-1423. We will work with you to design a strategy suited to your goals and budget.



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