People have less money to give to nonprofits during tight economic conditions. With the rising costs of fuel, food and other commodities, along with job losses, giving to a nonprofit may not fit into a family’s budget. In order to survive and effectively continue their charitable works in a tough economy, nonprofit organizations must react to the unfavorable conditions by streamlining their operations, utilizing technology to its best capacity, and attracting and reassuring charitable givers.

Keeping an IT staff on salary is expensive and many nonprofits may not want to devote limited revenues to maintaining one. Outsourcing the management of technology to a firm that specializes in IT saves money because you only pay the IT associates when you need them most. Your organization may direct the efforts of its permanent staff and its monetary resources towards your core competency:  charitable service.

Organizations may be tempted to delay technology upgrades or marketing efforts when their budgets are limited; however, money spent to improve business processes through technology upgrades and effective marketing campaigns will likely facilitate cost savings, improve revenue streams, and strengthen staff productivity.

Working with the RTS Team


RTS’ experience working with nonprofits, combined with our IT expertise, ideally suit us to develop and implement business and technology solutions for nonprofit organizations. Think of RTS as your IT staff. Whether you need an e-commerce solution to manage donations, an improved website, or a social media plan designed to promote your charity. RTS has trained staff ready to meet with you and implement a plan that will exceed your objectives. We can help you make sense of the Internet and technology and utilize its vast capacities to your advantage.


As a first step in determining your IT needs, RTS will meet with you, find out about your systems, your services, any existing marketing plans, and your goals for current and future operations. Our experienced staff can then recommend solutions particularly suited to your unique objectives.


For more information regarding how RTS can help your nonprofit meet its business and IT objectives, contact us at (804)504-1423. We will work with you to design a strategy that fits your goals and budget.



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