Retail businesses that effectively utilize IT have an advantage over their less tech-savvy competitors. IT services that can cut costs, increase profits, and enhance productivity include:


  • A cutting-edge online store and e-commerce strategy
  • Well-designed and targeted mobile apps
  • Websites enhanced for SEO
  • Well-organized project management processes
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Dashboards and reports to keep track of Business Intelligence
  • Content Management Systems

These are just some of the services that RTS offers that will give retail businesses a competitive advantage.


Retailers face unique challenges today due to a tough economy, the globalization of the marketplace, and frequently changing technology and communication pathways. Now more than ever, retail establishments can benefit from improved business processes, effective websites and online stores, and innovative marketing campaigns. Retailers may be tempted to delay technology upgrades and marketing efforts due to sluggish sales; however, money spent improving business processes will pay off by attracting customers, facilitating cost savings, and strengthening staff productivity.

Keeping an IT staff on salary is expensive and retailers may not want to devote limited revenues to maintaining one. Outsourcing the management of technology to a firm such as RTS that specializes in IT saves money because you only pay the IT associates when you need them most. Your organization may then focus on its core competency: retailing its products.

Working with the RTS Team


RTS’ experience working with retailers, combined with our IT expertise, ideally suit us to develop and implement business and technology solutions for retail firms. Think of RTS as your IT staff. Whether you need an e-commerce solution, an improved website, or a forum for your employees to collaborate and communicate internationally, RTS has trained staff ready to meet with you and implement a plan that will exceed your objectives. We can help you make sense of the Internet and technology and utilize its vast capacities to your advantage.

As a first step in determining your IT needs, RTS will meet with you, find out about your existing systems, your products and the way you sell and market them, and your plans for current and future operations. Our experienced staff can then recommend solutions particularly suited to your unique requirements.

For more information regarding how RTS can help your retail business meet its unique business and IT objectives, contact us at (804)504-1423. We will work with you to design a strategy that fits your goals and budget.



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