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Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI)

Your organization’s associates gathered all the information your business leaders need to make great decisions. There’s just one problem: no one in your company can make sense of the piles of data. Business Intelligence is both a science and an art. It requires knowing how to sift through the informational static, and also how to arrange and condense it into concrete and understandable blocks of facts. Harnessing rogue information and taming it into manageable intelligence is what Business Intelligence is all about.

Forrester Research defines Business Intelligence as the processes and technologies that transform raw data into information useful for decision making. In a nutshell:  an effective BI campaign leads to smart business decisions.

The RTS Strategy


Knowledge is power, but an ocean filled with facts won’t help your business make better decisions unless your leaders can make sense of it. RTS commands the tools that turn raw data into useful information about your sales, your customers, your competitors, and the overall performance of your business.

RTS seeks to understand your business’s objectives and determine what your executives need to know in order to make proactive, rather than reactive decisions. RTS then organizes your company’s information via applications and data repositories designed to make it easy to analyze, store and retrieve information.


The RTS Support System

The skilled developers and analysts at RTS maintain expertise in a variety of tools, technologies and techniques necessary to deliver effective Business Intelligence solutions. These technologies and tools include, but are not limited to: Excel, Palo, SimpleBI, OLAP, and ETL.


We organize your information via data marts, data warehouses and data repositories; and we make the resulting intelligence easily available and understandable via reports and dashboards.


1)    Data marts, Data Warehouses and Data Repositories


Your company provides the data; and RTS designs, develops and delivers a data repository using the data sources, databases and application information. We then define the relationships between the disparate data sources and store the results within a data mart. Business analysts and other associates may access the information they need from the data mart and quickly develop reports, analyze key information, and provide executives with the indicators they need to make important decisions.

Properly configured data warehouses, data marts and data repositories allow your associates to spend more time analyzing data and less time writing complex queries. Your staff needs an information management system that properly organizes and filters data in order to perform their best work.


2)    Dashboards and Reports


Dashboards, Reports, Portals, WebsitesAs part of the overall Business Intelligence solution, RTS creates a reporting tool that will deliver the information you need through dashboards, reports, portals, websites or other distribution channels used by your company.



Dashboards, Reports, Portals, Websites

The dashboards we create have a simple Web interface that allows your staff to quickly review high level, complex information. This information, created through the analysis of data stored in your data repository, is displayed through graphics and easy-to read content. And if you want more details, you can drill down to the facts behind the graphics and content for an expanded explanation of the information provided.

Dashboards, Reports, Portals, Websites


RTS provides the information your business associates and decision makers need in a format they can understand and use.

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