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By mid-2011, over 300 million people in the United States will use cell phones.* Many of these users keep their mobile devices within an arm’s reach almost 100% of the time, even when they are sleeping! Businesses can reach their customers and future customers in ways never before possible by harnessing the capabilities of mobile development and implementing an effective mobile marketing campaign.

As designers and technology firms gallop forward with the creation of ever more sophisticated, useful and imaginative mobile applications, businesses may struggle to keep up with what’s available and how best to utilize it. Many business leaders grasp the importance of a mobile marketing campaign, but don’t have the time or knowledge needed to effectively conduct one.

(*According to the Nielsen 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet)

The RTS Strategy

RTS understands the importance of keeping your brand at your customers’ fingertips. Your customers want to access the latest news about your products and services; and search for, download and order your offerings, anywhere, anytime.Our three-pronged Mobile Development Strategy, highlighted below, will allow your business to fully participate in the mobile revolution, ensuring that you utilize it appropriately and effectively to promote your message, product or service.

RTS designs, develops and delivers mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. We also create mobile websites (WAP) which can be accessed through mobile or Internet ready devices.

The RTS Support System


1)    Mobile Marketing Plan

Getting Started

The mobile strategy RTS designs for your business starts with a roadmap. At the starting point, we provide you with information about mobile technology, mobile development and how mobile applications can help generate business success. Next, we ask questions related to how your business will use mobile technology. What is the best way to reach your customers through their mobile devices? Will you offer coupons? Menus? Information?  Finally, together with you, we create your Mobile Marketing Plan, integrating it with your overall Marketing strategy.

Creating the Mobile Marketing Plan

RTS works with you to create a mobile marketing and advertising campaign that will mesh with your company’s overall business and marketing strategy. For instance, one component of your new strategy might be to use mobile technology as a tool to increase your customers’ brand awareness. RTS can help you determine what to include in your strategy, and we can also implement the strategy. With our knowledge of iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications and devices, our insight into the various mobile carriers, and our marketing and programming expertise, we are well equipped to create marketing and advertising campaigns suited not only for different mobile devices, but also aimed at specific customers.

These campaigns include:


  • SMS and MMS Text and Email Campaigns.
  • Advertising through Mobile Applications and Websites.
  • Marketing through Social Media venues.

The RTS staff of experienced technology, business, and marketing professionals can help your business integrate a mobile component into its overall marketing plan and technology goals.


2)    Mobile Application Design and Development

Mobile Application Design and DevelopmentOnce you know how mobile development fits into your marketing campaign and overall technology goals, you are ready for the next phase in the RTS mobile strategy: the design, development and delivery of mobile applications, also known as mobile app development.




iPhone, iPad, iPodRTS specializes in mobile app development across all mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. Also, RTS develops mobile applications that integrate seamlessly with the wireless browser. Each application RTS designs is easy for your customers to use, works on any mobile device, and functions in harmony with the wireless browser, known as the Wireless Application Protocol or “WAP.”

Whether your business has an idea for a game, learning tool or specific business application, or it just wants to figure out how to expand its access to its customers’ mobile devices, RTS’ expertise can turn your ideas into game plans.

iPhone, iPad, iPod

The staff at RTS specializes in iPhone development and iPad development. RTS can build custom iPhone mobile application software--including business applications, learning tools and games--that meets your specific requirements. RTS designs its iPhone Web applications so iPhone, iPad and iPod users can access the apps through the Internet using the iPhone Safari mobile browser. These apps also comply with Apple guidelines for web development. Once created, RTS publishes these customized iPhone applications to the Apple App Store for customer purchase and downloads.


RTS developers specialize in Android app development, utilizing the latest technologies. For example, RTS’background in Android development includes the Android complete open source mobile platform built on the Linux 2.6 kernel and the Google Android SDK platform. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand any of the technology jargon in order to work with us: just bring us your ideas, we’ll do the rest.


RTS understands the specific requirements related to Blackberry mobile phones. We are able to deliver mobile development suited specifically to the Blackberry.

3)    Measuring Results


The RTS Mobile Development Strategy starts with a roadmap that includes a mobile marketing strategy, it continues with the creation of mobile app development specific to your unique requirements, and it ends with measuring the results. The RTS strategy lets your business know if it has hit its goals.


RTS gathers the results of your customers’ usage of mobile apps, and makes that information available to you in a user-friendly format. With this intelligence, you will know whether your mobile marketing plan is operating as planned. Wouldn’t this type of data be invaluable to your future planning?





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