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Innovative technology has no value without the people who know how to use it and the business processes that give it meaning. Engagement Services studies where people, business and technology intersect, and it sets up the systems that bring them together in harmony.



Technology changes rapidly, and your company’s associates probably struggle to keep up with it. Fortunately, there are ways to harness the power of technology, so that your staff can understand and utilize it productively, resulting in successful business operations. Effective change management requires an understanding of people, business processes, data and technology.


The RTS Strategy


RTS offers several Engagement Services designed to bring the power of technology under your control so that it can serve your staff and help your company meet its business objectives. Whether you need Content Management, Workflow Management, Project Management, or overall Business Process Improvement, our experienced staff can set up a system that will help your business manage both change and technology.


The RTS Support System


1)    Content Management Systems (CMS)


A CMS allows your associates to update your website, online store or portal without knowing HTML or any other programming language.
With a CMS, your staff will easily be able to:


  • update or modify website content
  • edit banners or images
  • add Web pages
  • add images and videos
  • make changes to your online store
  • edit navigation
  • create links
  • manage security, user roles and payment gateways
  • add somewhat sophisticated design tools, such as widgets (widgets are used to enhance a web viewer’s experience or add utility to the site)


A CMS frees your highly paid IT associates to concentrate on tasks that make better use of their time and talents. With a CMS installed, everyone in your office will have the ability to add to your website with a minimal investment in training.


As your company grows and its website becomes larger and more complex, a CMS simplifies your ability to communicate via the Internet by organizing large amounts of data, preventing confusion through version sharing, and, as noted above, opening up web updating capabilities to everyone.
RTS uses open source technologies and tools that enable easy integration with other applications, databases and solutions.Our staff members are experienced web developers with current knowledge of the latest technologies and tools, including Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.


Once you make the decision to implement a CMS, RTS collaborates with your business every step of the way.

Step One: RTS meets with you to gather and define your business and functional requirements for the CMS installation.

Step Two: RTS presents you with options for your CMS, and together with you, we select the best choice for your business.

Step Three: RTS designs the CMS. The development process includes extensive upfront planning around the infrastructure, database and application architecture, UI, content, design, and other administrative functions. We collaborate with you through the entire development cycle in order to deliver a CMS that matches your company’s IT and operational requirements.

Step Four: RTS implements the Content Management System and safely migrates all of your data and content into it.

Step Five: RTS thoroughly tests Web and CMS functions.

Step Seven: RTS trains your staff to use the CMS.

Step Eight: RTS follows-up to ensure your satisfaction.

Call us for a free evaluation of your content management needs at (804)504-1423.


2)    Workflow Management


When associates from disparate departments within an organization each perform separate tasks to complete a single work objective, a process to manage the flow of these tasks helps to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Workflow Management sets up a process that systemizes a series of tasks to produce a certain outcome.


For example, a particular result in your organization might first require sign-off by a designer; next an engineer needs to take action; and finally the task is routed to a technical director. During each stage of the “workflow,” one individual is responsible for a specific task.


A Workflow Management System notifies each individual or group participating in the “workflow” when it is time to execute their specific task. Once they sign off on the task, the software automatically notifies the next participant. An associate who does not complete his or her task within a specific timeframe receives reminder(s). Once the task is complete, one or more designated individuals receive notification. With a Workflow Management System in place, a “paper trail” shows clearly who completed what task and when they completed it.


Advantages to a Workflow Management System:


  • Efficient
  • Saves paper
  • Eliminates confusion
  • Creates a “paper trail”

Workflow management is the first step toward Business Process Re-Engineering. As a result of setting up the Workflow Management System, you will identify and improve operational activities.

RTS works with your staff to select a Workflow Management System best suited for your objectives. We then implement and test the functioning of the software and train your staff how to use it. As with any work RTS does, we follow up to ensure your satisfaction.
For more information about how a Workflow Management System might benefit your organization, call RTS at (804)504-1423.


3)    Project Management


To successfully implement a new technology or business solution requires effective project management. Project managers organize all of the components and players in a project with the goal of accomplishing the project’s objective(s) within a set period of time and within a certain budget.


Depending on the size of the project, managing it effectively may require not only one or more project managers, but also one or more business analysts, and an associate in your communications department who will implement a plan that lets everyone affected by the project know what is going on and when the change will happen. If either your organization or the scope of the project is small, one project manager may be able to handle all of these details.


RTS’ staff of project managers and analysts has experience overseeing projects and analyzing project details across a variety of industries and solutions. We use standard product and systems development methodologies to plan, manage and report the project status, risks and issues.
RTS partners with you to lead your organization through the project for timely delivery and complete satisfaction.


4)    Workspace Collaboration


Multiple contributors to a project can get confused quickly without a system in place to help keep track of document versions, authors, and submission dates. Workspace Collaboration is a set of software tools used for document management, more cooperative project management, and better business and process operations.


RTS stands ready to clear the chaos out of your team’s project communication by implementing the right workspace collaboration solution. We can enable everything from a simple document management repository to a complete enterprise solution encompassing portals, dashboards, and business intelligence systems.


Call us for a free evaluation of your Workspace Collaboration needs at (804)504-1423.


5)    Business Process Improvement (Re-engineering)


A business that doesn’t seek to innovate and improve its operations will find itself surrounded by competition. To thrive and succeed, companies must be willing to embrace change, but they also have to manage the change and equip their associates to both receive and benefit from it. Business Process Improvement seeks to do both: it evaluates your company’s operations and looks for ways you can innovate, and it also sets up the systems needed to manage the processes affected by the change.


If you believe your organization will benefit from strategies designed to help it understand, implement and manage change, it’s time to embrace Business Process Improvement. The RTS trained staff of professionals stands ready to meet with you and evaluate your systems. We then can recommend process improvements, such as a content management system, workspace collaboration or additional projects geared to lift your organization out of any rut and set it above the competition.


For more information regarding how RTS can assist your business with Business Process Improvement, contact us at (804)504-1423, and we will help you design a strategy to suit your goals and budget.


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