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More than half of the people living in the United States are on Facebook, and Facebook gets more visits than any other website, even more than Google. Should your company have a presence on Facebook? Yes. If you are already there, how much attention do you give to your Facebook page? Do you really understand how to manage your Facebook site effectively? What about other social media: do you know what is out there and how you can utilize it to reach your business goals?

The RTS Strategy

Social media and change go together. Facebook updates its platform frequently; and new social media applications pop up faster than you can probably name them, let alone know what they do. RTS keeps up with the changing landscape. We stay abreast of trends and keep up with how both new and existing social media applications function. Understanding emerging media allows us to determine how to use it to help your business meet its objectives.

The RTS Support System

Before RTS gets started on developing your company’s social media presence, we understand your business. Whether your marketing strategy includes attracting and retaining customers, providing client support, or offering information, RTS can integrate an effective social media plan into your overall marketing strategy. And we make sure your social media pages reflect your brand message.

Depending on your existing marketing strategy and business objectives, you may wish to create your own social networking site, in addition to making use of existing social media applications, such as Facebook. RTS can assist you with both of these aspects of a social media plan.

Services RTS provides in the realm of emerging media include:


1)    Social Media Site Development


RTS designs, develops and delivers professionally branded Facebook, Twitter and other social media web pages. We coordinate your social media sites to mesh with your company’s marketing strategy and create them with your brand message in mind. Depending on your business objectives, RTS can design your social media pages to:


  • lead customers to a website or storefront
  • stay in touch with customers
  • promote sales
  • offer coupons
  • generate positive buzz about your business

In addition to creating social media pages, RTS develops a plan to market and advertise them to help them quickly grow their number of followers and fans.


2)    Social Media Network Development


If your business wants to extend its social media capabilities beyond currently existing applications, you may wish to consider developing a social media networking website.

RTS creates advanced social media and networking websites that promote easy communication between a selected group of people. These websites are member-based Internet and mobile communities connected via enterprise level portals, built to reflect your brand message. They provide a platform for your clients, associates, customers, and prospective customers to communicate.

With an RTS developed social media network, your business will receive:


  • Secure paid or subscription membership, account registration, and member profile pages
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking venues
  • Secure administration and management for the website maintenance
  • Advertising and marketing promotions for members and sponsors
  • An ability to expand your members’ networks through collaboration on the website

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