Web Development

Web Development

Your company’s website performs multiple tasks: it explains, sells, impresses, creates good customer relations, provides information, answers questions, stores data, processes forms, and creates an image.

Even if you have a small business operated out of your basement, you can present a portrait of professionalism and success with a great website. On the other hand, you may have a well-run company with multiple employees and a fabulous product, but an ill-constructed website littered with misspellings and illogical organization will make your business appear shabby. You don’t want that.

A well-made website meets the needs of your employees and your customers, it helps your business meet its objectives, and it looks good while doing its work. The value of a professionally designed,well-written website that includes functions useful to your staff, clients, and customers cannot be overstated.


The RTS Strategy

With so much staked on your website, why risk creating one that doesn’t operate as it should? The RTS staff of programmers, designers, analysts and writers maintains expertise in the fields needed for effective and creative web development.

Whether you want a “splash” page or a multi-page website that requires security, e-commerce or an enterprise portal, RTS has the tools and knowledge needed to get your project off the ground and your website quickly established.

The RTS approach is simple. We learn your business, determine the purpose of your website, ascertain your business objectives, and discover your return on investment (ROI) expectations. Once we have your requirements in place and you approve them, we develop, test and implement your website and any additional supporting systems. And we stay around once the work is done to support your staff and your business as it grows. Think of RTS as your Web development company.


The RTS Support System

Depending on your business objectives and the purpose for your website, RTS offers a variety of web development solutions, ranging from design and writing to the development of complex security and e-commerce functions.


1)    Interactive Media and Web Development


First impressions last, whether online or offline. Visitors to your website will decide at a glance whether they want to learn more about your organization. Websites designed with graphics and interactive media that engage visitors without distracting or annoying them get more traffic and keep visitors longer. Websites with effective design also flow well so users can locate the information they want without frustration.

By designing uncluttered websites with an appealing appearance and simple navigation, RTS drives customers to your website and keeps them there longer, enticing them to find out more about your organization and your products or services.

User Interface Design (Usability)

Effective User Interface (UI) design allows website users to easily and efficiently accomplish their purpose for visiting.Good UI includes:


  • Smart navigation – people can move about your site easily, finding what they want
  • Pages that load quickly – if someone has to wait for a page to load, they may decide to move to another website
  • Pages accessible to people with limitations, such as a disability

The RTS team strives to create user-friendly designs and navigation to provide your customers with a productive and pleasurable experience when visiting your website. We perform competitive analysis and also research user responses in order to develop easily accessible, fast, and user-friendly website designs. We also can create Rich Internet Application(RIA) designs for your purposes, if you so choose.



RTS works with you to incorporate your brand into the look and feel of your new website. We create a website that reflects your organization’s culture and corporate identity. If you don’t currently have a brand identity or logo, our designers and marketing professionals can collaborate with you to create the right brand with corresponding logos and designs.



If your business currently has a website but it isn’t producing the results you want, consider redesigning it. RTS can redesign your website using the same process we implement for our initial design. A professional redesign will give your old website a fresh appearance and move you towards your business and Internet goals.

If you are ready to embrace a redesign or design a new website, contact RTS at (804)504-1423.


2)    Online Stores (e-Commerce)


An online store allows a business to sell its products or services online. Generally an online store will include:


  • A website and requisite hosting
  • The ability to process financial transactions securely
  • Payment gateways (allows merchants to accept payments via credit card and e-check)
  • A customizable shopping cart
  • The ability to view and control inventory, categories, shipping and pricing
  • Feedback regarding sales, purchasing trends, order handling, and shipping methods


Whether you want to market your products or services directly to consumers or to other businesses, RTS will customize an online store specific to your requirements. The RTS staff is proficient in the use of the latest eCommerce tools and solutions, and we stand ready to implement them to enhance your organization’s ability to sell its products and services through its website.


The RTS e-Commerce toolkit includes the following technologies:

  • BigCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • Magento
  • Zen Cart
  • Virtuemart
  • OSCommerce
  • Ubercart


RTS aims to enable your business to increase its online sales via an e-Commerce tool that your customers find easy and pleasant to use. We want your customers to enjoy shopping on your website and visit it often.


3)    Enterprise Portals

An Enterprise Portal simplifies complex networks of information by serving as a central hub. Think of the Enterprise Portal as “headquarters” for your web presence. Here your users can interact with colleagues, search for and obtain information efficiently, and, if you choose, network with associates from other organizations. And each of your associates can customize the portal with a personalized look-and-feel, and inclusion of specific links or data.

Additionally, portals generally feature“access control,” permitting different people within your organization to have different levels of access to information available via the portal. They usually also feature a “single sign-on” for ease of use.

RTS can build an Enterprise Portal customized to your specific requirements. Whether you want a portal viewable only within your organization or accessible to all Internet users, RTS has the tools and expertise to set up your Portal and ensure that it meets your expectations.

The RTS staff of web developers maintains expertise in many technologies required for Portal development, including:

  • SharePoint
  • Alfresco
  • Liferay
  • IBM Websphere Portal
  • Oracle Weblogic Portal

An Enterprise Portal improves communication and helps your staff do its work more efficiently. If your organization is ready to enhance its web presence with an Enterprise Portal, call RTS at (804)504-1423 to find out how RTS can help you establish one.


4)    Content Development

A well-written Web page enhances your organization’s image of professionalism, enables your customers to understand your message, and permits search engines to find your website.

Your website may load quickly, feature gorgeous graphics, and contain well-organized information architecture and navigation, but these efforts won’t help your business much if the words on the page do not make sense. To have value, website content must adequately describe your product or service and reflect your overall message. A Web page that confuses or bores its visitors will not keep their attention long; and a Web page cluttered with spelling or grammatical errors will make your visitors wonder if your company possesses the qualifications needed to do business with them.

Good writers hone their expertise through regular practice and study. In addition, writing for the web takes time, effort and skill. People read websites differently than printed materials, and Web copywriters must customize their writing style to accommodate how visitors access information on the Internet. Generally people scan the Web, so paragraphs should be shorter with more listed and bulleted items than on a printed page.

Those writing for the web also need to apply the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as they write, including the incorporation of selected keywords into written content. Basically, they need to write for both people and search engines.

The written content of your website may be its most important feature because you communicate your message chiefly through words. Don’t discount the value of well-written Web pages when determining where to spend your Internet development funds. If you need assistance writing or editing the content on your website, RTS has experienced writers on staff who can collaborate with you to develop your content.




RTS maintains the expertise needed to exceed your web development objectives. How can RTS help you meet your web development goals? Contact us at (804)504-1423 and we will help you design a web development strategy to suit your business, your goals, and your budget.




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